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Case studies
  • Friendly cooperation with domestic customers
    When your product needs innovation or you need to make a smooth transition from traditional modification to new materials, we will do our best to help you provide a profitable solution when you come to Changfa (Xiamen) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Help your products get the best benefit in the market. With our continuous research and development, proprietary technology and tailor-made responsiveness for each customer, from the raw materials, pellets, molds to finished products, after-sales international freight services one-stop worry-free service. Let you feel at ease and become our best partner. With the development of society, people's living standards have gradually improved. Most people, especially mental workers, lack of exercise and unreasonable eating habits, which make us more "rich". Cycling has become a beneficial thing. Fashion things. Smoother, lighter rides make your body healthier and life more beautiful. Bicycle frames made of long glass fiber reinforced composites make riding more beautiful.

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