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Case studies
  • Medical health vs long fiber reinforced themoplastics
    Wheelchairs are an important tool for rehabilitation. Wheelchairs are just a means of transport for physically handicapped and people with reduced mobility. What's more important is to make them physically exercise and participate in social activities. Ordinary wheelchairs generally consist of a wheelchair frame, wheels, brakes and a seat. The hand-cranked wheelchair is based on an ordinary wheelchair and adds a hand-cranking device. The electric wheelchair adds an electronic power assist system based on the ordinary wheelchair, which reduces the user's intelligent wheelchair based on the electric wheelchair, and increases positioning movement, narrow movement, remote control movement and related Internet + assisted living. When looking for a lightweight wheelchair, you should check the materials used in the wheelchair and the continuity of the material. More importantly, the weight of the material. The most common material is stainless steel. However, the problem with stainless steel is that it can be heavy. Therefore, the recommended material PP lgf20-60%. The Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,ltd factory manufactures long fiber reinforced thermoplastics using a proprietary pultrusion process. It can be customized and customized with 20-60% PP long glass fiber material and added with corresponding additives. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio, PP lgf20-60% manufactured by Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co., Ltd. is a wheelchair wheel and other applications. An excellent material choice, wheelchair wheels must withstand extremely high stresses over a range of temperatures. *Long-term heat resistance *Low VOC / odor release *UV protection;
  • PP Polypropylene lgf50 Side mirror frame automative Parts
    The car's rearview mirrors are located on the left and right sides of the car's head and in front of the car's interior. The rear view mirror reflects the rear, side and underside of the car, allowing the driver to see the position indirectly. It acts as a "second eye" and expands the driver's field of view. The car rearview mirror is an important safety piece, and its mirror, shape and manipulation are quite elaborate. The quality and installation of the rearview mirrors have corresponding industry standards and cannot be arbitrarily. The rear view mirror frame acts as a stand. The choice of materials needs to consider the outdoor anti-aging factors. PP Polypropylene add 50% long glass fiber is recommended for your reference. Although ABS TPE PA raw materials are usually used, some customers even try to use MXD6 raw materials. PP Polypropylene add 50% long glass fiber After adding the corresponding anti-UV, it can perfectly meet the performance requirements of the product.
  • Ski parts used PA Polyamide 6 Nylon lgf
    Modern people are increasingly enjoying a variety of challenging sports. Especially in some western countries. Skiing is a popular item. More and more amateurs will organize the sport themselves. The use of skis is becoming more and more popular. During the taxiing process, the uneven surface conditions, the height and weight of all types of people, and the requirements for skiers will be higher and higher. After testing a part of the material of PA Polyamide Nylon 6 with long galss fiber40, a German ski manufacturer can test the tensile strength of the product to reach their required 170-180Mpa or higher, anti-fatigue, wear resistance, etc. Performance also meets the demand; in the inspection of parts, they are more concerned with the type of manufacturing process different from metal materials, injection molding can make their products have better shape, size and design performance. In addition, LGF long glass fiber reinforced PA6 has a lower specific gravity than metal materials, which also reduces the weight of their products and makes the products lighter. Long Fiber's LGF long glass fiber reinforced PA6 material is a modified reinforced composite material obtained by adding different lengths of glass fiber to the nylon PA6 matrix material and modifying it by certain production techniques. We believe that through the joint exploration with customers, PA Polyamide Nylon6 with 20-60% Percents materials will have more breakthrough applications in the field of sports equipment.
  • Friendly cooperation with domestic customers
    When your product needs innovation or you need to make a smooth transition from traditional modification to new materials, we will do our best to help you provide a profitable solution when you come to Changfa (Xiamen) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Help your products get the best benefit in the market. With our continuous research and development, proprietary technology and tailor-made responsiveness for each customer, from the raw materials, pellets, molds to finished products, after-sales international freight services one-stop worry-free service. Let you feel at ease and become our best partner. With the development of society, people's living standards have gradually improved. Most people, especially mental workers, lack of exercise and unreasonable eating habits, which make us more "rich". Cycling has become a beneficial thing. Fashion things. Smoother, lighter rides make your body healthier and life more beautiful. Bicycle frames made of long glass fiber reinforced composites make riding more beautiful.

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