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MXD6 is a special nylon and long glass fiber impregnated and melted. After extrusion, Long Glass fiber Reinforced MXD6 has good mechanical properties, oil resistance, wear resistance and excellent processing properties. It can replace non-ferrous metals and other materials. Widely used in various industries.

  • MXD6-NA-LGF30
    High quality MXD6 composite long glass fiber nylon original color automotive parts
    MXD6 Nylon - MXD6 is a kind of crystalline polyamide resin, which is synthesized by the condensation of m-benzoylamine and adipic acid. The advantages of nylon MXD6 1. in a wide range of temperature, maintain high strength, high rigidity 2. High thermal deformation temperature and small thermal expansion coefficient 3. Low water absorption rate, small size change after water absorption, less mechanical strength reduction 4. forming shrinkage rate is very small, suitable for precision forming processing 5. excellent coating, especially suitable for high temperature surface coating 6. oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases also have excellent barrier Application of MXD6 in plastic modification industry MXD6 can be combined with fiberglass, carbon fiber, mineral, and/or advanced fillers for use in fiberglass reinforced materials containing 50-60% and for exceptional strength and stiffness. Even when filled with high glass content, its smooth, resin-rich surface produces a fibre-free high gloss surface, ideal for painting, metal-plating, or creating naturally reflective shells. 1. suitable for high liquidity of thin wall It is a very fluid resin that can easily fill thin walls as thin as 0.5 mm thick even when the glass fiber content is as high as 60%. 2. Excellent surface finish A resin-rich perfect surface has a highly polished appearance, even with a high glass fiber content. 3. High strength and stiffness The tensile and flexural strength of MXD6 is similar to that of many cast metals and alloys with the addition of 50-60% glass fiber reinforced material. 4. good dimensional stability At ambient temperatures, the linear expansion coefficient (CLTE) of MXD6 glass fiber composites is similar to that of many cast metals and alloys. Strong reproducibility due to low shrinkage and the ability to maintain tight tolerances (length tolerances as low as ± 0.05% if properly formed). Datasheet Tested by our own lab, for reference only. Frequently asked questions 1. How to choose the fiber content of the product? Is the larger product suitable for higher fiber content material? A. This is not absolute. The content of glass fiber is not more is better. The suitable content is just to meet the requirements of each products. 2. Can products with appearance requirements be made of long-fiber materials? A. The main feature of LFT-G thermoplastic long glass fiber and long carbon fiber is to show the mechanical properties. If the customer has bright or other requirements for the appearance of the products, it needs to be evaluated in combination with specific products. 3. Are there any special process requirements of long carbon fiber injection molding products? A. We must consider the requirements of long fiber for the injection molding machine screw nozzle, mold structure and injection molding process. Long fiber is a relatively high cost materiaql, and need to evaluate the cost performance problem in the selection process. 
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  • MXD6-NA-LGF30
    2023 New MXD6 meta-xylylene adipamide nylon Long glass fiber filling 30% high barrier properties
    What is MXD6? Conventional aliphatic nylon is easy to process but has strong water absorption and low glass conversion temperature. Although all-aromatic nylon has solved the shortcomings of aliphatic products to a large extent, the processing difficulty has increased exponentially. After 1972, Toyo Textile and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical synthesized a new kind of semi-aromatic nylon MXD6, which not only overcame the disadvantages of aliphatic and all-aromatic resins to a large extent, but also had some advantages of all-aromatic resins. It is widely used in packaging materials with high gas barrier and engineering structural materials. In summary, MXD6 has the following advantages: High strength and elastic modulus; The high glass transition temperature is 237℃ for Tm and 85℃ for Tg. Low water absorption and moisture permeability; Fast crystallization speed, easy to form and manufacture; Excellent gas barrier performance. Why add Long Glass Fiber? Long glass fiber reinforced composite can solve your problems when other methods of reinforced plastics do not provide the performance you need or if you want to replace matal with plastic. Long Glass Fiber reinforced composites can cost-effectively reduce the cost of goods and effectively improve the mechanial properties of engineering internal skeleton network. Performance is preserved in a wide range of environments. MXD6 performance and application Compared with other materials, MXD6 has the advantages of high strength and elastic modulus, high glass transition temperature, low water absorption and moisture permeability, fast crystallization speed, convenient molding and manufacturing, excellent gas barrier properties, and can also be a good barrier to carbon dioxide and oxygen even under high humidity. In the end market, MXD6 is rarely used alone and is generally added to other polymers as a modified component. Materials containing MXD6 are mainly used in automotive and packaging fields. As an engineering plastic, MXD6 can replace the use of metal materials in the automotive industry, such as power tools, magnetic materials, automotive shell, chassis, girders, engine accessories, etc. We will offer you: 1) LFT & LFRT material technical parameters and leading edge design; 2) Mold front design and recommendations; 3)Provide technical support such as injection molding and extrusion molding. System Certification Quality Management System ISO9001/1949 Certification National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate Modified Plastics Innovation Enterprise Honorary Certificate Heavy metal REACH & ROHS testing
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  • MXD6 resin  Factory price mxd6 Granules PELLETS
    MXD6 resin Factory price mxd6 Granules PELLETS LGF
    MXD6 resin  Factory price mxd6 Granules PELLETS which one is made in ourself factory.
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