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  • Introduction to nylon carbon fiber PA6 PA66 Polyamide Pellets 2019-09-29
    Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite (CFRP) Carbon fiber is just a fiber that cannot be used to make parts. Therefore, carbon fiber should be used together with resin to make composite materials. Carbon fiber nylon, a type of conductive nylon, is a carbon fiber added to a nylon base. The material incorporates high-rigidity carbon fibers based on the properties of nylon, giving the material a higher m...
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  • PP Resin Raw materials Rise Rise Rise 2019-09-17
    Plastic materials people have survived this week, and PP raw materials have risen too much every day. The old customer's early orders, this month can not maintain the original price is a pain point, the key is that after the exchange rate broke seven, foreign customers are affected by the exchange rate, waiting to see, waiting to see the exchange rate fell. In addition to the pain, we must insist ...
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  • Thanksgiving Teacher's Day 2019-09-10
    The 35th Teacher's Day of the country is coming. Our LFT team wishes all the teachers and teachers' day.
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  • Good news for track parts 2019-08-30
    The shroud is an air deflector mounted on the top of the cab of a truck or towing vehicle. Its main function is to effectively reduce the air resistance and reduce fuel consumption of trucks at high speeds. With the development of automobile technology and highways, the driving speed of automobiles is increasing day by day, and the aerodynamic drag of the car interacting with air during driving is...
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  • Typhoon strikes, domestic logistics is blocked 2019-08-12
    Typhoon strikes, domestic logistics is blocked According to domestic news reports, in the early morning of August 10, the typhoon "" Liqima" landed in Chengnan Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. Afterwards, all the way north, brought heavy rain or heavy rain to the central and northern Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, central and eastern Shandong, eastern Anhui and other areas. In Weifang, Shandon...
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  • Playing CALL for Made In China 2019-08-01
    Super Subway is different from ordinary high-speed rail. It is a bit like a capsule train in anime. Each capsule is placed in a vacuum pipe. Fired to the destination like a cannonball~ Can you imagine? You are the flying cannonball! It is said that after the passenger boarded an available pod, the pod will be moved to the transporter, and the transporter will enter the vacuum duct and finally reac...
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  • LFT Materials pure resin infos get you 2019-08-01
    When a liberal arts student is doing chemical trade in foreign trade sales, facing a long list of chemical names, abbreviations and full names, it is somewhat troublesome. Here is a summary of some information for your reference. These materials PP/PA/PC/MXD6/PPS/PBT/PEEK/LCP/TPU are added to glass fiber or carbon fiber to become a modified composite because the fiber length can be achieved10-12MM...
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  • Get out of the plight of the plastics industry and let LFT help you 2019-07-22
    In 2019, it is undoubtedly difficult for people in the plastics industry. It is necessary to face the bad economic situation, the background of China-US trade, and the struggle against rounds of environmental protection, and to solve the long-term problem of long-term debts and debts. . The market is not good and the performance is less. How to do? Xiamen LFT composite plastic CO.,ltd will help yo...
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  • Long fiber reinforced plastic really a replacement for metal 2019-07-11
    Is long fiber reinforced plastic a plastic? Is it really a replacement for metal? The difference between long fiber reinforced plastics and traditional chopped, short glass fiber reinforced composites is the length of the fiber. It is a kind of plastic - we call it modified plastic. With the continuous development of long fiber reinforced plastic technology and process, PP polypropylene /PA6&6...
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