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Application Area

LFT-G is a team led by professionals who have been in the plastics industry for nearly 20 years. We specialize in design, research and development, tailor-made long glass fiber for customers; long carbon fiber; comprehensive long glass fiber & long carbon fiber; special Fiber composite. Materials can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, military; home appliances;

Application Area
  • PA Enhance Granules Long Glass Fiber 40% Nylon 66 Pellets

    PA Enhance Granules Long Glass Fiber 40% Nylon 66 Pellets

    PA material has excellent mechanical properties, outstanding corrosion resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, high modulus, etc. After being reinforced with long glass fiber, strength, impact resistance, energy absorption and other aspects have been very good. Greatly improved. Long glass fiber reinforced PA materials can be used in the automotive field. Long glass fiber reinforced PA composite granules has the characteristics of being a substitute for metal in many occasions. The injection molded products of long glass fiber reinforced materials have high glass fiber length retention rate and good glass fiber distribution. At the same time, glass fiber penetrates the matrix resin as a reinforced skeleton, so that the product has high specific strength, high rigidity, high impact resistance, and high dimensional stability. , High temperature resistance, low warpage, excellent creep resistance, thermal expansion coefficient comparable to metal materials, so it has a wide range of applications in the automotive field. Application of long glass fiber reinforced PA material in the automotive field Long glass fiber reinforced PA material can be applied to instrument frame panels, door assemblies, front-end components, body door panel modules, roof panels, seat frames, handle rods, battery brackets, tire frames, cooling fans and frames, etc., LFT- PA material not only has the functional characteristics of metal, but also reduces the weight of the car, so that the car can be lightweight. PA long fiber enhance granules not only suitale for injection auto parts,but also fit for other plastic parts.For example like the 3D printing Filament,is it make for PA long carbon  fiber granules to lose weight;Like the Implement the spool,Terminal station and plastic water pump impeller use for PA LGF30-50% pellets can improve the mechanical and corrosion resistance to live long time.Other application like cluth pedal,Firearms,Aircraft fan engines and robot arm also suitable for make by PA LGF & LCF pellets. If you have some technical problem,pls tell us we'll try our best to solve your problem. Wehcat/whatsapp:+86 139 5009 5727 Website:www.lft-g.com

  • LFT PP Polypropylene LGF30% for car front part

    LFT PP Polypropylene LGF30% for car front part

    Automotive front-end module technology refers to the modular design of automotive front-end radiator beams, radiators, headlight brackets and other parts. The front-end modules involve lighting systems, engine cooling systems, damping devices, air-conditioning condensers and air purifiers, as well as engine compartment cover locking devices, etc. Changan Automobile has previously demonstrated a CX30 compact sedan equipped with an all-plastic front-end module. This car greatly simplifies the front-end structure of the model, reducing the weight of the part by up to 40%, and reducing the total weight of the car by 3-4kg about. Not only Changan Automobile, but many automobile manufacturers are contributing to the achievement of the goal of automobile lightweight. The lightweight of automobiles not only brings convenience to automobile manufacturing, but also facilitates recycling and environmental protection. Eight reasons why front-end modules love LFT-PP: 1) Function integration, one part integrates multiple functions; 2) The number of molds is small, which reduces mold cost and processing time; 3) Reduce installation procedures and save labor costs; 4) Reduce the types of materials and facilitate the recycling of materials; 5) The structure is relatively compact, easy to assemble, easy to install, disassemble and maintain; 6) Simplify the body structure design; 7) Compared with metal parts, it is more resistant to corrosion, has good sound insulation and noise reduction effects, and has more design freedom; 8) A weight reduction of more than 40% can be achieved. Comtact us: Lucy www.lft-g.com Email: sale02lfrtplastic.com Wchat: +86 13950095727

  • Basic technology of modified plastics

    Basic technology of modified plastics

    TPU is a mature environmental protection material with high tension, high tension, toughness and aging resistance.TPU has been widely used in electronic appliances, industrial and sports, etc., it has unmatched by other plastic materials, high strength, good toughness, wear-resisting, cold resistant, oil resistant, water resistant, ageing resistance, weather resistance and other properties, at the same time, he has high waterproof moisture permeability, wind, cold, antibacterial, mouldproof, heat preservation, anti-ultraviolet radiation and energy release many excellent features. TPU Modified plastic is to change the properties of plastic, the basic technology includes: 1, enhancement: glass fiber and plastic blend to increase the mechanical strength of plastic. 2, filling: mineral filler and plastic blend, so that plastic shrinkage rate, hardness, strength and other properties are changed. 3, toughening: by adding toughening agent to the common plastic blend to improve the toughness of the plastic, toughened modified product: rail gasket. 4, flame retardant: add flame retardant to ordinary plastic resin, can make plastic with flame retardant properties, flame retardant can be one or several flame retardant compound system, such as bromine + antimony series, phosphorus series, nitrogen series, silicon series, and other inorganic flame retardant system. Wechat/Whatsapp:+86 139 5009 5727 Email:sale02@lfrtplastic.com Web:www.lft-g.com

  • Long fiber modified materials and short fiber modified materials

    Long fiber modified materials and short fiber modified materials

    Difference between long fiber modified materials and short fiber modified materials First of all, from the appearance, the length of short fiber particles is generally between 0.2-0.5mm, long fiber particles length is generally 0.6-25mm.Similarly, the color of the material can be changed according to the different needs of the customer.If there is a demand, we can provide the color of international color card, by our company. Secondly, from the fibers of the internal structure of the observation, understand the long fiber internal fiber order to orderly, and short fibers of the internal fiber sorting is irregular, from the internal structure shows the stability of long fiber, stretching, bending and mechanical performance will be better than the short fibers, but the process obvious short fibers more convenient. Finally, the two different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The long fiber modified material has high impact, high hardness, good mechanical properties, and is also a good material with high temperature resistance, UV resistance and flame retardant. The dimensional stability is good, but the price is much more expensive than the ordinary modified material.Short fiber material has a low thermal expansion coefficient, cost-effective, but the performance is not very outstanding. The above introduction for different materials, outstanding performance is not the same, if we are interested in our long fiber modified materials, welcome to contact us. WEB:www.lft-g.com Contact:+86 13950095727 Lcuy

Hot Products

lft-g® ‘s team has a combined 20 years of composites knowledge, our design, material, and process engineers are always accessible to answer your questions and as our partner will be there to support you throughout your entire product life cycle.

PBT modified material with long glass fiber reinforced property

Competitive PBT modified glass fiber materials

pbt virgin plastic raw matrial filling long glass fiber
LGF40 PP modified plastic for fan support parts

LFT PP LGF60 modified plastic for fan support parts

LGF40 PP modified plastic for fan support parts

PP LGF30 long glass fiber 30% plastic granules

Application of glass fiber modified PP LGF30 in automobile interior decoration

PP Long Glass Fiber 30% Reinforced Thermoplastic Granules For Injection Mold

LFT Thermoplastic Enhance PA6 Long Glass Fiber 30% Pellets

LFT PA6 LGF20 Nylon 6 Enhance Modified Pellets For Plastic Injection Grade

LFT Thermoplastic Enhance PA6 Long Glass Fiber 30% Pellets Lenght About 12mm
LFT PA6 Long Glass Fiber 40% Pellets For Injection Molding

LFT PA6 LGF40 Nylon 6 Composite Supplier For Structural Performance Requirements

Product Name: PA6 LGF40; Polyamide 6 long fiber reinforced composite;nylon reinforced composite

Form: Length about 12mm, High strength, High toughness

Advantage: More than 10 years experience product in fiber reinforced thermoplastic granules

LFT PA6 Long Glass Fiber 50% Pellets For Injection Molding

LFT Nylon6 Glass Fiber Fill PA6 Composite Granules For High Strenght

Product Name: PA6 LGF50; Polyamide 6 long fiber reinforced composite;nylon reinforced composite

Form: Length about 12mm, High strength, High toughness

Advantage: More than 10 years experience product in fiber reinforced thermoplastic granules

TPU polyurethane composite for injection grade

TPU LGF20 Long Fiber Thermoplastic Urethane Composite Pellets High Strength

Product Name:TPU LGF;Glass Fiber Fill Thermoplastic Urethane;Polyurethane LGF
Form: Length about 12mm, High strength, High toughness
Advantage: More than 20 years experience product in fiber reinforced plastic .
TPU polyurethane long fiber thermoplastic granules

TPU LGF30 Long Fiber Thermoplastic TPU LGF Density And TDS

Product Name:TPU LGF30;Glass Fiber Fill Thermoplastic Urethane;Polyurethane LGF
Form: Length about 12mm, High strength, High toughness
Advantage: More than 20 years experience product in fiber reinforced plastic .
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Share with you some of our factory's new product development, participation in industry forums, training, exhibitions and sharing with examples of high-end forums sponsored by the industry.

  • 10-19


    LFT-G About The 5th Special Engineering Plastics Industry Forum

    Due to the postponement of the forum due to the epidemic, the forum originally scheduled for mid-September was postponed to October 18. The forum ended perfectly on the 18th. The forum gathered high-tech technicians and lecturers from major companies. Including Sichuan University professors, SABIC development managers, as well as technical directors and product managers of other companies to share speeches. The product manager of our company came to the stage and shared a lot of applications and advantages of long fiber reinforced modified materials. Let more friends from all over the world and companies that need to understand composite materials have a deeper understanding of the advantages and applications of fiber-reinforced modified materials. If you need to know more about our products and the files shared on the forum, please contact us www.lft-g.com sale02@lfrtplastic.com We are at your service 24 hours a day

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  • 09-30


    Celebrate National Day and holiday arrangements

    Dear customers, Celebrate the National Day The golden autumn of October flourishes like a brocade The whole of China is celebrating We warmly celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China Wish the motherland more and more prosperous, strong and powerful, people's life is better and better!Mother of the motherland, happy birthday! During the National Day holiday, our company will have a holiday from October 1 to 7, and will officially start work on October 8. Please understand any unanswered emails. Thank you www.lft-g.com sale02@lfrtplastic.com

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  • 09-08


    The 5th Special Engineering Plastics Industry Forum For LFT Plasitc Company

    In September of this year, your 5th Special Engineering Plastics Forum will be located at Hotel Nikko Suzhou, and the conference will be held on September 15, 2021. From different regions, major companies at home and abroad gathered together. Share the various applications, research and development and other related topics of special engineering plastics together. At the same time, LFT Long Fiber Company also signed up to participate in this forum. We are sharing about "Application of LFT Long Fiber Reinforced Special Engineering Plastics". Our company's product development manager will give a speech and share. If interested customers can come and visit . For more information, please contact us. Wechat/Whatsapp:+86 139 5009 5727 Mail:sale02@lfrtplastic.com We are online 24 hours a day to provide you with quality services and solve your production problems.

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