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Application Area

LFT-G is a team led by professionals who have been in the plastics industry for nearly 20 years. We specialize in design, research and development, tailor-made long glass fiber for customers; long carbon fiber; comprehensive long glass fiber & long carbon fiber; special Fiber composite. Materials can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, military; home appliances;

Application Area
  • Special fiber polymer

    Special fiber polymer

  • Long Glass fiber & Long Carbon fiber Polymer

    Long Glass fiber & Long Carbon fiber Polymer

    Long glass fiber and long carbon fiber reinforced plastic are composite materials obtained by reinforcing two fibers to the same matrix resin. In this hybrid composite, the various fibers take full advantage of the performance and complement each other, making it a versatile, versatile performance. The hybrid enhancement method has been put into practical use and is a new development direction for the future development of composite materials. A new type of hybrid thermoplastic material; a combination of long glass fibers and long carbon fibers to form a directly moldable material that combines the strength, stiffness and durability of the fiberglass.

  • Long Glass fiber  Polymer

    Long Glass fiber Polymer

    Long glass fiber is a filament which is quickly drawn from molten glass. It can be divided into alkali, alkali, medium alkali and special glass fiber according to raw material components, such as high silicon oxide and quartz fiber. The commonly used long glass fiber composite material refers to a resin-based composite material, which can be formed by hand-paste, winding, pressing, etc., and the Xiamen LFT composite plastic factory adopts an injection and pultrusion process. The long glass fiber reinforced composite material can be widely used in the fields of machinery, chemical industry, transportation, military and other fields due to its characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and insulation. Low-cost thermoplastic polymer; one of the automotive lightweight materials; as the fiber content increases, the long-fiber skeleton fiber network continues to improve durability; it can improve the strength and rigidity of the product after molding;

  • Long carbon fiber polymer

    Long carbon fiber polymer

    Carbon fiber is made of man-made chemical fiber with high carbon content and not melting during heat treatment, which is processed by thermal stable oxidation treatment, carbonization treatment and graphitization. The long carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite material has the highest specific strength and specific modulus, and is the highest among the existing structural materials. In areas where density, stiffness, weight, and fatigue characteristics are critical, long carbon fiber composites are advantageous in applications where high temperatures and high chemical stability are required.

Hot Products

lft-g® ‘s team has a combined 20 years of composites knowledge, our design, material, and process engineers are always accessible to answer your questions and as our partner will be there to support you throughout your entire product life cycle.

Polymer with copolymer long carbon fiber

Copolymer Long carbon fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

The pp copolymer is a non-polar crystalline polymer. Polymer with copolymer long carbon fiber have high chemical resistance.
Long glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene 30% Extrusion Grade

Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Auto Parts

Product Name: Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Virgin PP Granules; It is Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Virgin PP Granules.

Nylon-MXD6 with Long Glass fiber reinforced

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Nylon-MXD6

MXD6 modification is a kind of high temperature nylon modified material.
PA12 Long Glass fiber reinforced Polyamide

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide (nylon )PA12

PA12 long glass fiber with Toughened polyamide is a modified polyamide prepared by blending a polyamide resin as a main component, adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and resin.
Reinforced polyphenylene sulfide PPS long glass fiber

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Poly polyphenylene sulfide PPS

Polyphenylene sulfide PPS is a new type of high performance thermal resin resin modified material

Reinforced Copolymer Polypropylene with long glass fiber resin

Copolymer Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

Copolymer Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene is one kind of engineering modifeid plastic materials of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene;
Long Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene with Homopolymer

Homopolymer Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

Homopolymer Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP;

Polypropylene homopolymer long glass fiber is polymerized from a single propylene monomer, with high crystallinity, good mechanical strength and heat resistance.

PA6 Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide (nylon)

PA6 Nylon Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide

PA6 Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide (nylon) Long glass fiber reinforced PA6 composite material prepared by solution impregnation process.
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  • 06-19


    PA6 Injectiong processing share resume

    PA6 plastic injection process PA6 is a translucent or opaque milky white crystalline polymer. It has good thermoplasticity, light weight, good toughness, chemical resistance and durability. Because of its good mechanical strength and rigidity, it is widely used in structural components, has good wear resistance, and is also used in the manufacture of bearings. Injection molding process conditions Drying treatment: Because PA6 easily absorbs moisture, attention should be paid to drying before processing. If the material is supplied in waterproof packaging, the container should be kept closed. Humidity is greater than 0,2%, it is recommended to dry in hot air above 80 degrees for 16 hours. If the material is exposed to air for more than 8 hours, it is recommended to perform vacuum drying at 105 degrees for more than 8 hours. Melting temperature: 230-280. Mold temperature: 80-90. For thin-walled, long-process plastic parts, a higher mold temperature is also recommended. Increasing the mold temperature can increase the strength and rigidity of the plastic parts, but reduce the toughness accordingly. High-speed injection speed. The chemical and physical properties of PA6 are very similar to PA66. The melting point of PA6 is lower and the process temperature range is very wide. In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA6, various modifiers are often added, and glass is the most common additive. For products without additives. The shrinkage of PA6 is between 1% and 5%. Adding glass fiber additives can reduce the shrinkage to 0.3%. More details, please contact sale02@lfrtplastic forward.

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  • 05-25


    It is dark before dawn, and there is a wave of melt-blown cloth

    Recently, many people have been shouting, and the melt-blown cloth has cooled. From the market data, at present, the melt-blown cloth market is still profitable, but some friends said that 10% made a profit and 90% lost money. , But bosses already in the industry should not be too discouraged. On 4/26, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice that anti-epidemic materials production enterprises may apply to the local Commerce Bureau to join the Ministry of Commerce white list, and submit relevant forms and certification materials. The mask in January, the gasoline in February, the melt-blown cloth in March, the rice oil in April, and the helmet in May, when I woke up, the helmet was almost cold. Seriously, everyone who does it doesn't know what to do in advance. Finally, we believe that those who have not entered the melt-blown fabric industry should not enter it again. Those who are already in the industry should not panic or chaos. They must make qualified products. Friends who entered, continue to cheer, don't be discouraged. Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,ltd www.lft-g.com

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  • 05-11


    2020 Special Labor day Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic

    Excerpt from Renmin.com, if there is any infringement, please contact us to delete. Thank you. Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic. On the morning of the 8th, at the press conference of the joint defense and control of foreign hospitals, Wang Bingnan, vice minister of commerce, said that sales of durable consumer goods that had been restrained from freezing in the early stage, such as auto appliances, rebounded significantly. During the "Labor Day" period, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Zhejiang key monitoring companies' auto sales increased by 49.6%, 28.5%, and 8.8% year-on-year, respectively, Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic LFT and sales of home appliances on some e-commerce platforms doubled year-on-year. During the “Labor Day” period, the active popularity of the national market rebounded significantly, and consumption accelerated. The average daily sales of key retail companies increased by 32.1% over the Qingming holiday, showing an accelerated recovery. Next, our chemical industry will also actively promote domestic and foreign business opportunities. Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic LFT can be widely used in automotive military, aerospace, and medical equipment accessories.

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