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Application Area

LFT-G is a team led by professionals who have been in the plastics industry for nearly 20 years. We specialize in design, research and development, tailor-made long glass fiber for customers; long carbon fiber; comprehensive long glass fiber & long carbon fiber; special Fiber composite. Materials can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, military; home appliances;

Application Area
  • HDPE LGF Application Of Double-wall Corrugated Pipe

    HDPE LGF Application Of Double-wall Corrugated Pipe

    Features of double wall bellows High density polyethylene (HDPE) has excellent chemical stability, resistance to aging and resistance to environmental stress cracking.The HDPE double wall bellows produced by the raw materials belong to the flexible pipe.Its performance is as follows: Strong resistance to external pressure: The outer wall is in annular corrugated structure, which greatly enhances the ring stiffness of the pipe and thus enhances the resistance of the pipe to soil load. In this aspect, HDP giant double-wall corrugated pipe has obvious advantages compared with other pipes. Low project cost: Under the condition of equal load, HDPE double wall bellows only need a thinner wall can meet the requirements.Therefore, compared with the solid wall phase tube of the same material specifications, it can save about half of the raw materials, so the cost of HDPE double-wall bellows is also lower.This is another very prominent feature of the pipe. Convenient construction: Due to the light weight of HDPE double wall bellows, handling and connection are very convenient, so the construction is quick and maintenance is simple.The construction period is tight and construction In the case of poor conditions, its advantage is more obvious. Small friction coefficient, large flow: HDPE double wall bellows with HDPE as the material can pass through a larger flow rate than other pipe materials of phase diameter.In other words, the same flow requirements, can be used relatively small caliber HDPE double wall bellows. Low temperature resistance and impact resistance: The embrittlement temperature of HDPE double wall bellows is -70℃.General low temperature conditions (-30℃ above) construction without special protective measures, winter construction is convenient, and HDPE double wall bellows have good impact resistance. Good chemical stability: Because cement pipe material is steel pipe, to ensure bearing plug effect, trench bottom must deal with level off, had better make foundation layer, and ask construction personnel to have absolute sense of responsibility.HDPE double wall bellows for flexible pipe, the bottom of the ditch is not high requirements. HDPE pipe does not fracture to ground subsidence or crustal change The elongation of HDPE pipe is more than 20 times that of steel pipe and six and a half times that of PVC. Its elongation at break is very high and its elongation is very strong.This means that HDPE tubes are able to deform without breaking in the event of earth subsidence or seismic shifts in the crust.This point is far better than steel pipe, also better than the obvious brittle PVC pipe.This performance has been proved at home and abroad (Hanshin earthquake did not cause pipe fracture;HDPE pipe in Zhinan Baoshan earthquake was not damaged are proof) WEB:WWW.LFT-G.COM Contact:+ 86 135 5947 4625

  • Long fiber modified mateirals for lightweight auto parts new energy sector

    Long fiber modified mateirals for lightweight auto parts new energy sector

    The automotive industry has become the fastest growing area of the demand for modified plastics, which is driven by the lightweight of automobiles.The largest downstream application fields of modified plastics are home appliances and automobiles. Drived by the lightweight of automobiles, the automobile industry has become the fastest growing area of the demand for modified plastics. It is expected that in the next few years, the average annual growth rate of the demand for modified plastics for automobiles will be more than 15%. Modified plastics are better than general plastics in flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, toughness and other aspects. They are mainly used in household appliances, automobiles, construction, office equipment, machinery and other fields, among which household appliances and automobiles are the two largest application fields. Interior weight loss can be reach by using modified plastics, reduce the weight of the body and chassis in addition to the use of high strength steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys, some researchers have even proposed the concept of all plastic body, puts forward the concept of integrated ultra-light new energy vehicles, super light new energy automobile main cells by the driver, driving system, steering system, aluminum alloy frame, and other components of the composite material body, plastic floor, body can curb weight down to 850 kg of modified plastics application in automobile interiors. The dashboard At present, there are two forms of instrument panel, hard instrument panel and soft instrument panel. Soft instrument panel is generally used by high-grade cars, while buses, trucks and other models are basically hard instrument panel.The instrument board is generally made of modified PP material. The modified PP is mainly made of rubber toughening agent and inorganic filling material.Dashboard skin material is mainly PVC/ABS, PVC is weak in impact resistance and heat resistance, ABS mechanical properties and forming processing ability is better, and can be combined with PVC, the combination of the two can form complementary. Door panel At present more commonly used manufacturing door plate modified plastic is ABS, PP, with them made into a skeleton, and the surface with a layer of buffer layer.In some models of GM and Chevrolet, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester sheet molding plastic is used to modify the application of plastic in functional parts and structural parts Bumper Car bumper is one of the main parts of the use of modified materials, most of the bumper on the market are made of plastic products, the bumper panel is PP, PC/ABS, PC/PBT and other materials, the skeleton is wood or metal materials, the middle part is PP foaming materials.This kind of material is not conducive to recycling from the perspective of environmental protection. After continuous innovation, TPO can be used in the production of bumper panel, glass fiber reinforced PP material can be used in the s...

  • Long Carbon Fiber Reinforced Material For Automotive Battery Components

    Long Carbon Fiber Reinforced Material For Automotive Battery Components

    Long carbon fiber series modified composites have excellent comprehensive properties, such as high rigidity, high strength, wear resistance and lightweight, etc.Under the general trend of energy saving, emission reduction and lightweight of automobiles, and under the environment of the growing market of new energy vehicles, what are the advantages of LCF long carbon fiber reinforced plastic for making electric vehicle parts?Today we will focus on the most important battery component of electric vehicles and do a simple analysis: Battery parts of electric vehicles require fire protection, body bottom protection and the best temperature conditions in the battery to ensure the safety of the vehicle. LCF battery production has the following advantages: 1. Corrosion resistance The LCF is corrosion resistant so that even if the underside of the car is damaged, its structural integrity will not cause any leakage. 2. Light weight Car lightweight is a hot issue in recent years, which has been widely concerned by the public. The lightweight structure can improve the driving distance of the car.Lightweight batteries not only save money, but also reduce installation space and charge time. 3. The flame retardant Long carbon fiber is a very good flame retardant material, which can effectively extend the service life of the car and give the car time to escape in case of emergency. If you have interesting in our material,you can contact us. Web:www.lft-g.com Email:sale04@lfrtplastic.com Whatsapp:+86 135 5947 4625

  • Long Glass Fiber Polypropylene Technology For Automotive Applications

    Long Glass Fiber Polypropylene Technology For Automotive Applications

    Replacing steel with plastic is the most important way to lighten cars at the present stage. Replacing metal with plastic, for example, modifying PA,PA6,PP and other materials with long fibers.LFT-G modified PP has good mechanical properties, small density, chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics. According to relevant statistics, the amount of modified PP materials used in automobiles accounts for about 50% of the plastics used in automobiles.The long fiber modified PP material is one of the most commonly used automotive interior materials.It is often used to make instrument panels, door panels and other interior decoration, but the surface of the scratch resistance is poor.The addition of fiber or filler with spherical microstructure (such as talcum powder, silica silica powder, glass beads, etc.) can improve the hardness and modulus of the modified polypropylene PP, and improve the scratch resistance to a certain extent. The high strength performance of PP modified materials can ensure the collision resistance of cars and reduce losses and costs.With the advancement of automobile production technology and the production of modified materials, the combination of long fiber modified materials and high strength steel can be used in the roof beam column, front beam column, threshold beam, C column, etc.This can increase the torsional stiffness of the body and reduce the weight of the body. In addition, long fiber modified PP material is also widely used in wheel hub, brake system, transmission system, interior and exterior decoration, engine field. Benefits of the application of LFT-G in the automotive industry: 1. High integration: a part can integrate a variety of functions, reduce the cost of the mold and processing molding time; 2. Manufacturing process optimization: compact structure, reduce installation steps, easy assembly, easy installation, disassembly and maintenance; 3. Corrosion resistance: the whole body is corrosion-resistant, which can meet the requirements of corrosion resistance.

Hot Products

lft-g® ‘s team has a combined 20 years of composites knowledge, our design, material, and process engineers are always accessible to answer your questions and as our partner will be there to support you throughout your entire product life cycle.

Polymer with copolymer long carbon fiber

Copolymer Long carbon fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

The pp copolymer is a non-polar crystalline polymer. Polymer with copolymer long carbon fiber have high chemical resistance.
Long glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene 30% Extrusion Grade

Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Auto Parts

Product Name: Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Virgin PP Granules; It is Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Virgin PP Granules.

Nylon-MXD6 with Long Glass fiber reinforced

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Nylon-MXD6

MXD6 modification is a kind of high temperature nylon modified material.
PA12 Long Glass fiber reinforced Polyamide

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide (nylon )PA12

PA12 long glass fiber with Toughened polyamide is a modified polyamide prepared by blending a polyamide resin as a main component, adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and resin.
Reinforced polyphenylene sulfide PPS long glass fiber

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Poly polyphenylene sulfide PPS

Polyphenylene sulfide PPS is a new type of high performance thermal resin resin modified material

Reinforced Copolymer Polypropylene with long glass fiber resin

Copolymer Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

Copolymer Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene is one kind of engineering modifeid plastic materials of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene;
Long Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene with Homopolymer

Homopolymer Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

Homopolymer Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP;

Polypropylene homopolymer long glass fiber is polymerized from a single propylene monomer, with high crystallinity, good mechanical strength and heat resistance.

PA6 Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide (nylon)

PA6 Nylon Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide

PA6 Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide (nylon) Long glass fiber reinforced PA6 composite material prepared by solution impregnation process.
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Share with you some of our factory's new product development, participation in industry forums, training, exhibitions and sharing with examples of high-end forums sponsored by the industry.

  • 03-09


    International Plastic Industry Exhibition

    2021 China (Guangdong)Welcome friends to visit and understand: LFRT series long glass fiber (LGF) and long carbon fiber (LCF) developed and produced by Long Fiber (Xiamen) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. PP, PA6, PA66, PPA, PA12, TPU, PBT, PLA, PET, PPS, PEEK and LFT fell modified composite engineering plastics. In terms of performance, we focus on the development of lightweight materials to replace steel with plastic.Resin-coated glass fiber wire and carbon fiber wire modified reinforced engineering plastic particles.Lightweight is not only widely paid attention to in the automobile industry, but also gradually entered people's vision in many fields, such as 3D printing. Lightweight can not only reduce the weight of finished products, but also reduce the cost without reducing the performance.It is an important means to control cost and improve performance at present. If you are interested in our materials, please contact us. We also cordially invite you to attend our exhibition. WEB:www.lft-g.com

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  • 02-22


    LFT-G start a new journey in the New Year

    The tenth day of the first lunar month, today is the most beautiful day.Xiammen LFT Composite Plastic Co., Ltd. After the precipitation of the old year and the renovation of the New Year, we officially started work.After our traditional Spring Festival holiday, our staff are full of vigor and vitality, starting their new journey in the Year of the Ox. In order to welcome the New Year, our company lit firecrackers and fireworks to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year, which means that we LFT-G began to work hard for the New Year and make money. We welcome our work in the New Year with a responsible attitude.We will more enrich their professional level, to meet the different requirements of different customers, to develop more new products, let our brand into the hearts of everyone. The New Year, we rush together! With the New Year's tail, I wish the people of all countries everything goes well, work smoothly and good health.

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  • 02-05


    Notification Of Spring Festival Holiday

    Dear Customers Time is in a hurry, in a twinkling of an eye we ushered in the New Year.Facing the difficult challenges of 2020, our company has risen to the difficulties and set sail to welcome the New Year. In this notice during the Spring Festival: During the Spring Festival, our company will start the holiday on February 8th and officially start work on February 21st.Sorry for the inconvenience. During this period, if you have any questions, please leave a message by email. Email address: sale04@lfrtplastic.com Phone/WhatsApp :+86 139 5847 4625 Website:www.lft-g.com

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