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PLA Long carbon fiber Reinforced polylactic acid repared by solution impregnation process.Long carbon fiber Reinforced polylactic acid PLA is a degradable material

  • PLA-NA-LCF30
    LFT-G PLA polylactic acid long carbon fiber reinforced material black color 24h online reply
    PLA-LCF Polylactic acid or PLA is a bio-based polymer made using lactic acid from the sugar fermentation process. It was originally intended as a more environmentally friendly alternative to crude oil-based polymers and is technically biodegradable (albeit under industrial compost conditions). In addition to being the most widely used polymer in the desktop 3D printing space, PLA also has a variety of applications in packaging, disposable cups and more. Although it is very cost effective, easy to process and easy to 3D print, pure PLA has poor thermal and mechanical stability and is therefore not suitable for any high performance applications. One way to improve material properties is to use additives such as carbon fiber reinforced materials, as carbon fiber composites can provide an excellent mix of mechanical properties and heat resistance. Long carbon fiber reinforced PLA is an outstanding material that is strong, lightweight, has excellent layer bonding and low warpage. It has excellent layer adhesion and low warpage. Long carbon fiber PLA is stronger than other 3D-printed materials. Long carbon fiber filaments are not as strong as other 3D materials, but tougher. The increased rigidity of carbon fiber means increased structural support but reduced overall flexibility. It is slightly more brittle than regular PLA. When printed, the material is a dark glossy color that shimmers slightly under direct light. characteristic The fracture strain is moderate (8-10%), so the silk is not brittle, but strong toughness Very high melt strength and viscosity Good dimensional accuracy and stability Easy to handle on many platforms High attractive matte black surface Excellent impact resistance and lightness Application of long carbon fiber filliing PLA material Long carbon fiber filling PLA is an ideal material for frames, braces, shells, propellers, tools, instruments, etc. Virtually no bending will occur. Drone makers and RC enthusiasts especially like it. Ideal for applications requiring maximum stiffness and strength. Technology Package International trademarks and patents Related products                             PP-LCF                                                        PA6-LCF
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    PLA Polylactic acid filling Long carbon fiber LCF renewable high performance
    PLA information PLA, also known as polylactide, refers to the polyester polymer obtained by polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material, usually using renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.) made of starch as raw material. It is a new type of renewable biodegradable material. PLA material characteristics The raw materials are renewable and relatively easy to obtain even if used as 3D printing materials, which can be used for large-scale production; The PLA has good thermal stability and solvent resistance. The processing temperature of PLA is between 170 ℃ and 230℃, and the finished product has good heat resistance. Good permeability and transparency luster, can be processed by extrusion, spinning, biaxial stretching, injection blow molding and other ways, tensile and bending modulus can be comparable to the traditional plastic resin; High biocompatibility. The monomer material of PLA, L-lactic acid, is an endogenous active substance in human body. Therefore, the finished product printed by 3D printing material PLA is non-toxic to human body and can be absorbed by human body. It has good degradability. Different from the degradation methods of other 3D printing materials, PLA is embedded in the soil and completely degraded by microorganisms in nature under specific conditions to generate carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide generated directly enters the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants instead of being discharged into the air, which is recognized as an environmentally friendly material. Application of PLA materials Due to the good mechanical and physical properties of PLA material, PLA material is widely used, including various food containers, packaged food, fast food lunch boxes, etc.  At the same time, with its advantages in compatibility and degradability, PLA can also play a large role in the medical field, which can be made into medical tissue skeleton material and medical carrier for human body. In addition to its excellent tensile strength and extensibility, PLA can be produced by various common processing methods, such as melt extrusion molding, injection molding, blow film molding, foam molding and vacuum molding. About us
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  • Long carbon fiber reinforced PLA
    PLA Long carbon fiber Reinforced polylactic acid
    PLA materials are current pioneering materials in biodegradable materials. Long carbon fiber Reinforced polylactic acid PLA modified materials are likely to become global advantages in future green materials.
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