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/International Plastics Expo 2019 Xiamen LFT compositeplastic Co
International Plastics Expo 2019 Xiamen LFT compositeplastic Co 2019-11-08

China Yuyao International Plastics Expo, referred to as the Plastic Expo. Since 1999, it has been successfully applied for 20 consecutive sessions. And in 2016, it became a UFI certification exhibition. Xiamen LFT composite platic Co.ltd was invited again to be a participating company at the 21st edition.

Our participation in this exhibition is to broaden our horizons, open up our ideas, learn advanced, and exchange and cooperate. Communicate, communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who come to visit. Further enhance the company's own brand and influence. Today is the third day of the show. Our exhibition number 4107, welcome everyone to visit.

Long Fiber Reinforced thermoplastics TPU Thermoplastic urethanes

Injection TPU thermoplastic Urethanes Composite Plastic materials factory


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