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LCF Reinforcement Polymer

The biggest feature of long fiber composite materials is that they have superior properties that the original raw materials do not have. If classified according to the length of the added reinforcement materials, they can be divided into: short fiber, long fiber reinforced composite materials.

What is LCF Reinforcement Polymer?
As mentioned at the beginning, Long Carbon Fiber reinforcement material is a type of long fiber reinforcement composites material.    It is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber.    LCF reinforcement composite material shows high strength along the fiber axis, and has the characteristics of high strength and light weight.    It has all-round mechanical properties such as density, specific strength, and specific modulus that are unmatched by other materials.    It is a mechanical New materials with excellent performance and many special functions.    It enjoys the reputation of "black gold" in the 21st century in China.

Performance of LCF carbon fiber composite materials:
1.   Corrosion resistance: LCF Reinforcement Polymer material has good corrosion resistance and can adapt to harsh working environments;
2.   Anti-ultraviolet: Strong ability to resist ultraviolet rays, and products are less likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays;
3.   Wear resistance and impact resistance: Compared with ordinary materials, the advantages are more obvious;
4.   Low density: lower than the density of many metal materials, which can achieve the purpose of lightweight;
5.   Other properties: such as reducing warpage, improving rigidity, impact modification, increasing toughness, conductive properties, etc.

In addition, LCF reinforcement Polymer materials have higher strength, higher rigidity, lower weight, and excellent electrical conductivity compared to LGF reinforcement Polymer Materials. The are suitable for the field that requires higher material properties.

Please contact us for datasheets on LCF Reinforcement Polymers materials with different base resins.


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