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LFT Materials

About LFT materials:Long fiber pellets Xiamen Factory LFT

LFT, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics, are compared to conventional fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Typically, fiber lengths in fiber reinforced thermoplastics are less than 1 mm, while in LFT, fibers are typically greater than 2 mm in length. The current processing technology has been able to maintain the fiber length in the LFT above 5 mm.

LFT production technology:

The production process determines the fiber length of the LFT. Since the impact properties depend in particular on the fiber length, the compression molding process is significantly superior to injection molding in terms of mechanical properties. Typically, fibers having an average of about 5 to 20 mm in the part are considered to be long fibers.

In the initial LFT production, resin and LFT-G long fiber pellets were usually used to complete the final product by injection molding. Since the fiber length of LFT-G long fiber pellets is limited, the final LFT product performance Still limited, in recent years, LFT-D-ILC process technology has become a representative process for LFT products.

Xiamen LFT composite plastic CO.,ltd only produces LFT and LFRT.


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