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LFT Materials

Long fiber pellets Xiamen Factory LFT

LFT, Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics, are compared to conventional fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Typically, the conventional fiber lengths in polymer pellets are less than 3 mm, while in LFT, fiber length are typically longer than 6 mm. Our current processing technology has been able to maintain the fiber length in the LFT between 5-25 mm.

Our production technology:

1.  Through the physical and chemical treatment of the original carbon fiber.
2.  Add resin, additives, etc., form a unique formula. 
3.  The pre-treated carbon fiber is placed on the machine, and the resin is evenly covered on its surface.
4.  Use the machine to solidify the material, and the fiber and resin are sufficiently bonded.
5.  According to the requirements of the product, cutting particles.

Retention of fiber length in the finished part is key to the performance of LFT. The fiberglass is continuous within the pellet and offers incredible properties and performance when molded correctly.

Long-fiber reinforced composites show excellent mechanical properties compared to short fibers and are more suitable for applications requiring high strength. The impact performance of long fiber composites is 1-3 times higher than that of short fibers, tensile strength is more than 50% higher, and mechanical properties are 50-80% higher.

Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics are an excellent option to consider for metal replacement at a fraction of the weight.

Xiamen LFT composite plastic CO.,ltd only produces LFT.


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