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/Basf carbon fiber reinforced materials help create lightweight bicycle brackets
Basf carbon fiber reinforced materials help create lightweight bicycle brackets 2023-02-15

Bike maker Canyon has teamed up with BASF Forward AM to produce a fully 3D-printed stand for bike Garmin.

The Garmin support uses Ultrasim®, BASF's Forward AM 3D simulation software, combined with Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF carbon fiber ultralife material, resulting in a high load capacity and weight of only 17g. It was tested by Canyon's professional racers to withstand heavy loads and strong vibrations.

Garmin is Canyon's bike-mounted minicomputer that comes with a host of additional features beyond GPS, including a heart rate monitor, power meter pedals and smart lights.

Currently, Garmin supports sold on the market are all molded by traditional injection molding, which has limitations in weight, function, design and manufacturing. To further improve performance, Canyon has chosen BASF Forward AM 3D printing technology to achieve a wide variety of design possibilities through BASF Ultrasim® 3D digital simulation software and "additive" design concepts.

In addition, the choice of materials is important to ensure that the Garmin is readable when riding on pavements, cobblestones or forest soil. So Forward AM's virtual engineering experts performed simulated vibration analysis for a variety of materials and selected the Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF. A highly rigid material ideal for 3D printing, carbon fiber reinforcement makes it one of the strongest and most rigid materials in the industry. Its 3D printed parts not only meet the requirements of high strength and rigidity, but also provide good mechanical properties. The polymer composition of Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF is a biopolymer derived from castor oil, which is sustainable and embodies the concept of green and low carbon development.

After the printing is done, the 3D print is treated again with chemical vapor smoothing technology to achieve the final smooth touch and sealed surface.

The new generation Garmin support is lightweight, durable and reliable during cycling, and Canyon is bringing it to market with its latest design Ultimate for all end customers in the market.

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