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Long Carbon fiber Polymer


Copolymer Long carbon fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP

/black polypropylene pp long fiber granules copolymer lcf pp polymer

black polypropylene pp long fiber granules copolymer lcf pp polymer

 long carbon fiber copolymer lcf pp polymer black pp polypropylene pellets
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    Xiamen Fujian
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Product Detail

Product information

Carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber composed of carbon element.After adding continuous fiber, it becomes long carbon fiber, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, UV resistance, electrical conductivity, aging resistance, thermal conductivity and low temperature resistance, etc. The color of long carbon fiber is black. Due to the preferred orientation of its graphite microcrystalline structure along the fiber axis, it has a high modulus and strength along the fiber axis.PP is a composite material made by adding long carbon fiber, which is mainly used for making automobile parts.Military machinery, etc.Continuous carbon fiber reinforced pp original material properties, but also gradually improve the PP raw material defects.

Product name

Color Product size Material
black polypropylene pp long fiber granules copolymer lcf pp polymer  natural & discuss 5-25mm  PP filing long carbon fiber
Contract way Packing Deliver time Port
25kg/bag 3-15day xiamen

Product Process

long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites extrusion

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Copolymer Long carbon fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP
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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite (CFRP) is a lightweight, strong material that can be used to make a wide range of products used in everyday life. It is a term used to describe fiber reinforced composites with carbon fiber as the main structural component. Note that the "P" in CFRP can also stand for "plastic" rather than "polymer." Typically, CFRP composites use thermosetting resins such as epoxy, polyester, or vinyl esters. Despite the use of thermoplastic resins in CFRP composites, "carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites" often uses its own acronym, CFRTP composites. LFT-G focuses on LFT&LFRT. Long Glass Fiber Series (LGF) & Long Carbon Fiber Series. Compared with Short Carbon Fiber, Long Carbon Fiber has more excellent performance in mechanical properties. It is  more suitable for large products and structural parts. It has 1-3 times higher (toughness) than Short Carbon Fiber, and the tensile strength(strength and rigidity) is increased by 0.5-1 times. Properties of CFRP composites Composites reinforced with carbon fiber are different from other FRP composites that use traditional materials such as glass fiber or arylon fiber. Advantages of CFRP composites include: Light weight: Conventional fiberglass reinforced composites using continuous fiberglass and 70% fiberglass (glass weight/gross weight) typically have a density of 0.065 lb/cubic inch. A CFRP composite with the same 70% fiber weight might typically have a density of 0.055 lb/cubic inch. Increased strength: Carbon fiber composites not only weigh less, but CFRP composites are stronger and stiffer per unit weight. This is true when comparing carbon fiber composites to glass fibers, and even more so when comparing metals. For example, when comparing steel to CFRP composites, a good rule of thumb is that a carbon fiber structure of the same strength typically weighs 1/5 as steel. You can imagine why car companies are looking into using carbon fiber instead of steel. When comparing CFRP composites to aluminum (one of the lightest metals used), the standard assumption is that an aluminum structure of the same strength might weigh 1.5 times as much as a carbon fiber structure. Of course, there are many variables that can change this comparison. Grades and qualities of materials may vary, and for composites, the manufacturing process, fiber structure and quality need to be considered. Disadvantages of CFRP composites Cost: As amazing as the material is, there's a reason carbon fiber can't be used in every situation. Currently, the cost of CFRP composites is too high in many cases. Depending on current market conditions (supply and demand), the type of carbon fiber (aerospace grade versus commercial grade), and bundle size, carbon fiber prices can vary significantly. On a per-pound basis, carbon fiber can cost anywhere from five to 25 times more than fiberglass. The difference is even greater when comparing steel with CFRP composites. Electrical conductivity: This can be a plus or minus for carbon fiber composites, depending on the application. Carbon fiber is extremely conductive, while glass fiber is insulating. Many applications use fiberglass instead of carbon fiber or metal, strictly because of electrical conductivity. For example, in the utility industry, many products require the use of fiberglass. This is one of the reasons why the ladder uses fiberglass as the ladder rail. The chance of electric shock is much lower if the fiberglass ladder comes into contact with the power cord. The situation with CFRP ladders is different. Although the cost of CFRP composites remains high, new technological advances in manufacturing are continuing to provide more cost effective products. Application of PP-LCF Long Carbon Fiber as the reinforcement material of CFRP, its proportion is only 1/4 of iron, specific strength is 10 times that of iron, elastic modulus is 7 times that of iron, carbon fiber excellent physical properties are played in various fields from sports goods to aircraft. Details of product Number Length Color Sample Package Delivery time Port of Loading Freight PP-NA-LCF30 5-25mm Original color (can be customized) Available 20kg a bag 7-15days after shipment Xiamen Port Depending on your destination Related products                        PA6-LCF                                            PA66-LCF About Xiamen LFT Composite plastic Co., Ltd. A new material enterprise that develops and produces its own brand of LFT long glass fiber and long carbon fiber. It fills the blank of domestic high-end long carbon fiber LFT materials, and is more customized and shortened the production cycle compared with foreign companies. In addition, our company has sales and service offices in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, etc. ...
LFT-D PP reinforced plastic filling long carbon fiber polypropylene higher performance 12mm natural color
PP material PP is a polymer made of propylene as monomer by coordination polymerization, and is one of the five major general-purpose plastics PE, PP, PVC, PS and ABS. 1. colorless, tasteless, five toxic, unadded PP material compounded with FDA and other food-grade material requirements; 2. due to the crystalline nature of PP, the original color milky white translucent, better transparency than PE; 3. low specific gravity of 0.9, almost one of the lightest plastics than water; 4. good toughness, especially repeated resistance to bending ability, commonly known as 100 fold rubber; 5. better heat resistance than PE, which can reach up to 120°C; 6. good resistance to hydrolysis and can be sterilized by high temperature steam 7. good chemical resistance, especially acid resistance, can be due to the storage of concentrated sulfuric acid containers; 8. outdoor use is susceptible to light, ultraviolet light and other aging. Modified PP material PP material by filling carbon fiber can increase the rigidity and modulus of PP material, reduce the material deformation caused by shrinkage, but at the same time the material toughness decreases. By adding anti-UV agent, anti-aging agent can improve the outdoor use performance of PP, and adding flame retardant material can improve the flame retardant performance of PP. TDS for reference only SGF VS LGF Long carbon fiber specification Application Product processing We will offer you 1. LFT&LFRT material technical parameters and leading edge design 2. Mold front design and recommendations 3. Provide technical support such as injection molding and extrusion molding
Xiamen LFT PPC reinforced long carbon fiber 12mm higher mechanical properties natural black best price
What is the PP-LCF? Polypropylene is a kind of polymer material with low cost, excellent performance and wide application. By carbon fiber reinforcement, the strength, heat deflection temperature and dimensional stability of polypropylene materials can be improved, which expands the application fields of polypropylene materials and is widely used in electronic appliances, automobiles and other fields. Especially in the automotive field, with the development of new energy vehicles and in the trend of automotive lightweighting, carbon fiber reinforced materials are more and more widely used in the automotive field. What is the advantages of PP-LCF? The modified polypropylene material reinforced by carbon fiber has a series of advantages such as light weight, high modulus, high specific strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, heat and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and good vibration absorption. The datasheet was test by us, for reference only. What is the application of PP-LCF? High mechanical performance Meet the design trend of new energy vehicles Lower density meets the demand for lighter weight vehicles Other materials you may wonder                       PA6-LCF                                    PA12-LCF                                PPS-LCF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Test Processing Certifications Quality Management System ISO9001/16949 Certification National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate Modified Plastics Innovation Enterprise Honorary Certificate Heavy metal REACH & ROHS testing Contact us

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