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Long Glass fiber Polymer


Long Glass fiber Reinforced MXD6

/Long Glass fiber Reinforced Nylon-MXD6

Long Glass fiber Reinforced Nylon-MXD6

MXD6 modification is a kind of high temperature nylon modified material.
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Product Detail

Product name: Long Glass fiber Reinforced MXD6

Product grade:Injection Molding grade

Appearance: Natural/Black/Others Colors/Pellets

Application: Parts such as the car's outer casing, body, girders and chassis.

Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Ltd specializing in the production, research and development and sales of MXD6 natural color long glass fiber reinforced. Suitable for automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, etc., can replace metal to produce high quality mechanical components.

MXD6 is a crystalline aromatic nylon with high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. Low shrinkage and excellent barrier properties. A new type of copolymerized modified nylon material; high temperature nylon means a nylon engineering plastic that can be used for a long period of time above 150 ° C. It is called high temperature nylon PPA. The high-temperature nylons that have been industrially produced at present are mainly PA46, PA6T, PA9T, PA10T, MXD6 and the like.

From 2010 to 2015, the global production of high temperature resistant nylon increased at a rate of 6.6% per year. It is estimated that the annual global production of high temperature resistant nylon will reach 154,000 tons in 2020. MXD6 is a crystalline polyamide resin formed by polycondensation of m-xylylenediamine (MXDA) and adipic acid (AA) by the unique technology of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. At present, only one manufacturer of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, MXD6 products. The company developed a series of products under the trade name Reny in 1986, in which MXD6 is its main component, which is made of glass fiber reinforced or composite reinforcement of glass fiber, mica and calcium carbonate. It has excellent mechanical and thermal properties and is mainly used to replace metal and other engineering plastics as automotive structural materials such as automobile casings, car bodies, girders and chassis.

Using MXD6 as a raw material, it was melt-condensed into MXD6 and MXD6/6, MXD6/66 and MXD6/1010 copolymerized nylon. The thermal properties were analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis. The storage modulus and glass transition temperature were analyzed by dynamic thermomechanical properties test, and the mechanical properties were tested. (1) copolymerized modified nylon MXD6 has good thermal stability; (2) copolymerized modified nylon MXD6 has lower melting point and glass transition temperature than nylon MXD6; (3) copolymerization modified by copolymerization with aliphatic nylon The nylon MXD6 has better toughness.

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