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Long Glass fiber Polymer


Long Glass Fiber Reinforced HDPE

/LFT High Density Polyethylene Fill Glass Fiber 50% Composite

LFT High Density Polyethylene Fill Glass Fiber 50% Composite

Product Name:HDPE LGF50, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Fill HDPE

Form: orrosion resistance, compression resistance, warpage resistance
Advantage: High quality and low cost
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Product Detail

Hdpe glass fiber reinforced polymer

-hdpe granules reinforced by fiber glass,length about 12mm. The performance of final products of this composite material were in line with the national standard.
-the product is based on hdpe resin as basic, add long glass fiber, efficient flame retardants and various additives, formed by twin-screw extrusion blending.
-the content of long glass fiber can increase from 20% to 60%, and there will be obvious floating phenomenon when the content exceeds 60%

Product  Name

LFT High Density Polyethylene Fill Glass Fiber 50% Composite


Natural & Customers

Product Size



1.high strength

2. high toughness

3. low warpage


HDPE Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composite

If you want to know more,please contact us sale02@lfrtplastic.com

Physical Typical Characteristic Testing Standard
 Specific Gravity
1.38 g/cm³  ASTM D-792
Mechanical Typical Characteristic Testing Standard

Tensile Strength

132.87 MPa

ASTM D-638

Tensile Modulus

1295.39 MPa

ASTM D-638

Tensile Elongation

2.5 %

ASTM D-638

Flexural Strength

175.36 MPa

ASTM D-790

Flexural Modulus

9201.68 MPa

ASTM D-790

Notched Izod Impact

501.79  J/m

ASTM D-256

Beam Breach Impact Strength J/m ASTM D-4812
Deflection Temperature  / ℃ ASTM D-648

HDPE LGF Advantage:
High mechanical strength
High toughness
High impact resistance
Good wear resistance
Long-term work at higher temperatures
It has excellent electrical insulation, low smoke and low toxicity characteristics.

Fit for extrusion molding structural performance parts,like the double wall spiral pipe or injection structural performance plastic parts


hdpe long glass modified

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