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Long Glass fiber Polymer


Long Glass Fiber Reinforced HDPE

/LFT HDPE LGF20 Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite

LFT HDPE LGF20 Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite

Product Name:HDPE LGF20, High Density Polyethylene Long Fiber Reinforced Plastic, HDPE Long Fiber Thermoplastic
Form: Length about 12mm, High strength, High toughness
Advantage: More than 20 years experience product in fiber reinforced plastic .
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Product Detail

Hdpe glass fiber reinforced polymer

Large diameter (800-2000mm) plastic pipes have always been a hot topic in the plastic pipe industry, which are divided into two types: water supply pipes and drainage pipes. There is a polyethylene (PE) large diameter long fiber reinforced composite water supply/drainage pipe in China. , This product is developed from a fully plastic wound drainage pipe (carat pipe) combined with the latest achievements in thermoplastic reinforced plastic pipe technology at home and abroad. It has outstanding advantages such as high pressure bearing capacity, stable performance, convenient and reliable connection, and relatively low pipeline production cost. More importantly, it has basically solved the problem of applying large-caliber thermoplastic pipes to pressure piping systems, and has a relatively broad market development prospect.
"Polyethylene (PE) large-diameter long fiber reinforced composite water supply/drainage pipe" is a fully combined reinforced thermoplastic plastic pipe, which is reinforced by continuous glass fiber tape winding and welding in the circumferential direction. The pipe adopts socket connection.

Product  Name

LFT HDPE LGF20 Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite


Natural & Customers

Product Size



1.high strength

2. high toughness

3. low warpage


HDPE Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composite

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high temperature resistant HDPE gf30 ppa pelletts

Large-caliber plastic pipes made of long glass fiber polyethylene must have strong market competitiveness in order to enter the large-caliber low- and medium-pressure pipe market.
Therefore, the following goals must be achieved:
1. Safe and reliable: Large, medium diameter, medium and low pressure pipes are mainly used in water mains. Once a pipe burst accident occurs, it will cause serious losses and adverse effects. It is necessary to learn the historical lessons of PCCP and guarantee a service life of more than 50 years;
2. Meet performance requirements: diameter 800-2000mm, working pressure 0.4-1.6 MPa, ring stiffness 2-4-8KPa;
3. Convenient and reliable connection and laying: Adopt rubber ring to seal socket connection;
4. The comprehensive cost can compete with traditional pipelines: the price of pipes should be close to that of traditional pipelines, and the lower construction and maintenance costs enable the comprehensive price to compete with traditional pipelines;

hdpe long glass modified

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